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The Casentino is a land rich in history: just a kilometer from the camp took place the battle between the Guelphs and Ghibellines fought by Dante Alighieri in the thirteenth century...

Casentino is rich in history and nature, it has always been the calmest valley in Tuscany , appreciated by the tourists. Countries as Poppi, Bibbiena, La Verna , show their medieval origins. The Castle of the Counts Guidi , in Poppi, goes back to the XI century, it is possible to visit the inside and it is always gorgeous : the centuries and wars have not changed the marvelous building. We could speak about Bibbiena, an Etruscan installation, that jealously preserves, into its boundaries, the Dovizi Building , Bernardo's native house, the author of the "Calandria". In the South, we find Talla, that boasts Guido Monaco's native house, the inventor of the modern musical scale and notation: the tetragram which was eventually substituted by the staff. In Camaldoli there is the Holy Hermitage that is the destination of pilgrimages; the charm and mystery of its forest, where there are trees with centuries of history, fascinate every visitor at first sight. Verna, where St. Francis of Assisi received the stigmata, is a beautiful place, soaked in mysticism in every stone. We could discuss about these and other places of the Casentino for a long time, without annoying, arousing the visitor's curiosity, therefore, we invite you to come here and to see these beautiful places.

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